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  • Build authority in your field
  • Receive inquiries from high quality clients
  • Experience sustained growth for your business

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Who is Urbity?

Who is Urbity? Urbity serves real professionals who want to grow their businesses. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Urbity grew from an ordinary marketing company, to a specialist in business web design, marketing, and client satisfaction.

Today, Urbity uses follow up marketing to work with professionals who want to build successful and profitable businesses.

How will Urbity grow my business?

Business is all about reputation, and great reputations don't appear overnight. Rather, reputations are built with consistent follow up: The networking with clients and colleagues, the appearances in print media, and the speaking opportunities. All these build successful businesses.

However, most professionals do not have the time—simply running their business is hard enough. Urbity manages your follow up marketing for you. We'll build your reputation as an expert, and put you in front of potential clients. They'll come to you, ready to hire—and they'll tell their friends.

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Research shows that on average, it takes five interactions before top clients will hire you.

Your clients want an expert they trust, yet earning this trust takes time and repeated contacts—follow up. That's why follow up marketing is important, and this is what we do.

The Urbity Follow Up System

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Build yourfoundation

We start by building the foundation that will allow you to grow a strong reputation, starting with identifying your core strengths. We build you a new website from the ground up that focuses on showing these core strengths, to make them clear to anyone visiting. Read more...

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Increase yourAuthority

We then work on increasing your authoritative reputation. We write articles that establish you as a thought leader. We encourage your most loyal clients to write positive testimonials and reviews. We look at opportunities for creating ongoing marketing systems like email lists. Read more...

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The Follow Up

We design a follow up plan to repeat these efforts over time and set you up for the long haul. After several months, you'll have more client inquiries, and more respect within your field. Your reputation, and your business, will grow. Read more...

It can take up to six months for a client to make the decision to hire you. Follow up marketing understands this process.

We Make Selling Unnecessary

If follow up is so important, why doesn't it get done? You just don't have the time. You're busy—paperwork, advising clients, collecting bills, managing employees, and just doing whatever it takes to keep your business running.

happy lawyer having the best clients come to him Find the best clients by using a proven system

But what about actually growing your business?

The problem many professionals encounter is that traditional marketing—selling— introduces all sorts of issues:

  • Find a huge list of "leads" to follow... and you'll waste your time chasing them for no reward...
  • Entertain window shoppers... and you'll waste your time answering pointless questions...
  • You could even end up with low quality clients that don't respect your expertise or pay their bills...

All these problems make traditional marketing a risky, uncertain proposition. You don't want to have to sell yourself, for no reward.

You do have a better answer, though. By having a follow up system that focuses on showing your key strengths, you let your reputation do the selling for you. You grow your business in a sustained and consistent way.

At Urbity, we build this system with you.

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  • Gives you a firm foundation to build your business
  • Commands the attention of clients and colleagues alike
  • Stops potential clients simply clicking away from your website, and moves them closer to hiring you
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Clients won't hire you straight away, so if you want to grow your business, it starts with effective follow up. I'm certain with the information you'll find here, you'll be on the right track to receive more client inquiries, become more respected in your field, and lead your business to success.


Brian Augsburger

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