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Touchpoint marketing since 2009

First, let’s take a look at why traditional content marketing doesn’t work. Ever wondered if those blog posts or Facebook updates accomplish anything? You’ve got good reason to doubt—without any strategy, you’re just throwing out content and hoping a hot lead runs into it. This isn’t effective. You might grab a few sales, but you’re trapped in a treadmill of writing new content over, and over, and over. These types of campaigns are the kind run from home—not the work of marketing professionals.

No—you need a marketing system that qualifies leads into cold, warm and hot, and adjusts accordingly. You need a system that serves these leads the appropriate content for their interest and willingness to buy. And you need this system to scale with your business and remain effective for years.

It’s a tough ask, but Urbity’s touchpoint marketing funnels meet these criteria. We use our years of experience to produce content that guides leads into marketing funnels. Best of all, touchpoint funnels are automated, so you don’t have to babysit.

Touchpoint funnels let you

  • Sell to prospects without your direct involvement, freeing your time to build your business
  • Scale your marketing with your ongoing business growth
  • Keep marketing content relevant for years
  • Engage all types of leads—hot, warm and cold

what is touchpoint marketing?

In just a couple of weeks we're publishing a quality eBook explaining touchpoint marketing in detail.

Check back soon!

Our Services

We love what we do

Website Design or Redesign

Your website is your marketing hub, so let’s start with that. We build either huge, multi-page websites—or a small and simple, yet effective one-page site. It’s entirely customized.

Most of our clients start small and we build it up each month with the profits earned from the marketing improvements. For clients who already have effective websites we can also give them a slight facelift, keeping what works while improving what doesn’t.

Build Touchpoint Funnel

Once we have the outline from our Strategy Sprint we’ll start building the individual touchpoints. We’ll start with 2-3 funnels that consist of the most appropriate content for the strategy, which could include blog posts, online ads, eBooks, and so on. Every piece of content has a purpose, and none done just to hit a numerical quota.

Fill the Funnel

Now we work to get leads into the funnels using online ads, social media and email campaigns. Because we already start out targeted, no marketing is wasted—we expect a positive ROI from every dollar spent. We want to build you an audience, a targeted email list, and start getting you new clients.

Software Development

There's so many out-of-the-box software solutions that can do everything. That's a problem. It's a problem because when software is too bloated with features your team won't use it. That's why we build custom software for most projects. It works the way you need it to.


What we have done

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Primary Residential

Website Design, Content Creation

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Web Design, UI, Sotware / App Development

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Hancock Seed

Online Advertising, Tracking

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Online Advertising, Tracking, Email Marketing

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Workplace Local

Web Design, UI, Full Funnel Development

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Mad Dog Foam Bridges

Website Design, Mobile / Web App Development

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The Stephens - Brotsky Group

Website Design, Content Creation, Online Advertising


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