We ship software faster
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When you can ship software out in 8 weeks instead of 6 months, your users are happy. And that means your boss is happy. So you're happy. The only people not happy? Your competitors.

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What we do

We’re driven by new ideas, both yours and ours. Between building software for clients and our own, we created a process for shipping in just 8 weeks.


You, us, a conference room, a whiteboard, and a lot of coffee. Let's figure out exactly what you need built.


Our teams are intentionally small. Our devs and designers rub elbows to create beautiful interfaces that work.


Every button and icon matters, but so does every letter. You can't have good UX without good writing.

Mobile apps

Whether you’re inputting data or making an order, our goal is to make mobile apps that make the job easier.

Web apps

We build web apps with humans in mind. Your business’s data might be complex, but the app isn’t.


Our apps are easy to use, but we'll create training materials so your team and customers know how to use every feature.

Ohio State University

Making it easy to find
the correct data

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What Others Are Saying

"I feel that Urbity has been an exceptional partner for Mad Dog Materials for a number of reasons. They've proven to be effective listeners. Based on their understanding of their client’s needs, Urbity has repeatedly proposed marketing initiatives that have been on target and cost-effective."

Garrett Rhyne

Mad Dog Materials

"The worst position to be in as a business is when you have no solution to your own client's problem. Fortunately for me, when I found myself in this position, I also had quick access to Urbity's help, and they were able to provide one, and provide it quickly."

Seth Quillen

Building Five

"Urbity came to our facility, listened to our team and stakeholders, and diagrammed the process. They had the implementation plan the next day and it was executed over the next two weeks. Urbity worked long days, nights and weekends to alleviate my challenges."

Rusty Coleman


Think Big

Urbity's big idea isn't
tough but it is fast.

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What's the secret to around-the-clock software development? Having offices in Columbus, Iași and Melbourne (opening in 2020) sure doesn't hurt! But uh, keep it quiet. We probably shouldn't have told you our secret.

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