Our big idea in 402 words

A decade ago, building software could cost a company millions. But today? There's little reason why companies shouldn't be shipping software much faster than what we're seeing. What's the hold up? They waste months, sometimes years, when they should be building and getting user feedback. Urbity’s focused on speed because it’s the only thing that makes everybody happy.

If you want your users to be happy, you get them the best product as fast as you can. If you want your boss to be happy, you get him a solution as fast as you can. If you want to be happy, you get all of these people everything that makes them happy as fast as you can. And when you’re happy, we’re happy.

And we’re fast because we've found the magic number: 8 weeks. This is the period that we guarantee we’ll ship out new software. Our teams see that number and they know that it will not—cannot—be pushed back. If we’re going to get this done, we need to identify your biggest needs and commit to our solutions. We constantly share our progress for feedback, so that on day 56, your product is ready. Not ready for edits, but ready for live use.

So how do we do that?

Nothing is faster than a team that doesn't sleep. But a team that doesn't sleep makes a lot of mistakes, which ends up costing you even more hours on the tail-end of a project. So we started thinking...how can Urbity work around the clock while also maintaining a healthy sleep schedule?

An international team.

The internet created a universe where everything needs to be done faster. But it also created a universe where things can be done together. That's why Urbity has three teams—in the United States, Australia, and Europe.

We create a realistic strategy. And then we keep work amongst ourselves and keep passing it off so that someone is working on your project constantly, while you offer feedback. So that at the end of 8 weeks, you have software you can use.

Everyone is happy when things get done fast. Sounds simple enough, but it's more than just a good idea.

It requires both a team and a client that buys in. Below, you can find our Big 3 values. They’re not for everyone, and we understand if you want to look elsewhere.

Urbity's Big 3

Urbity’s selling point is speed, but “speed” is not one of our Big 3 Values. Speed is a product of these values, and we believe you can’t have speed without them.


Single offices can’t keep up with Urbity because they don’t work around the clock. Our three offices passing off the baton means we never downshift.


This is a personal foible for us: Too many companies break deadlines. Urbity says 8 weeks, and we mean it. We’re bringing “deadlines” back to life.


Sometimes we stay an extra hour. But Urbity does not allow obsession. If our team suffers, its work suffers too. Our team is happy and healthy. You'll see the difference.

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