Watch Us Put Our
Feet in The Fire

We're not the first agency to make bold claims about speed. We may, however, be the first to show you our process so you know we're for real.

Urbity's Story Series gives us a chance to show off, and you a chance to see the plan in we grapple with challenges to maintain our big ideas.

Does my idea even make sense?

Urbity hit a roadblock, namely that our biggest client wasn't paying us. Brian, the boss, had big plans for the company. If we could afford them.

Accounting is not his thing. But we're a software agency. Could we create a program to balance the books? Could we sell it? Or are we nuts?

The Limits of Our Brilliance

The modern business owner deals with a seemingly infinite number of accounting issues. Software has the potential for seemingly infinite solutions. So we're good, right?

Well, Urbity's schedule doesn't allow for infinite solutions. Or even every element that we could personally use. Can we find items to cut without making our app irrelevant?

Design 'n' Development

We finally figured out what we can do in the span of 8 weeks. Now all we have to do is do it. This is the point where most good ideas hit the wall, especially with a tight deadline.

But this is Brian's idea, not a client's. And he keeps realizing tiny improvements that would make the app even better. We're just trying to keep him out of his own deadline's way.

Let's Do It

Your idea is great.
Let's kickstart it.

Work with us

What's the secret to around-the-clock software development? Having offices in Columbus, Iași and Melbourne (opening in 2020) sure doesn't hurt! But uh, keep it quiet. We probably shouldn't have told you our secret.

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